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Published: 0514 GMT November 18, 2020

Independence from US a must for Europe even under Biden ‎

Independence from US a must for Europe even under Biden ‎

By Hossein Ziaee*‎

American politician and theoretician Henry Kissinger, who is also the most ‎famous secretary of state the US has had, has recently, during the WELT ‎Economic Summit in Paris, warned that expecting, under Joe Biden, that ‎transatlantic relations between the US and Europe would return to the pre-‎Trump level is a pipe dream‎. ‎

He said, “It would be a big mistake in Europe to prematurely assume that ‎a change in presidency will mean the US will backpedal on everything ‎Europeans have been angsting over.” ‎

During Biden’s upcoming term in office, Kissinger added, Europe must ‎reconsider its relations with the US and assume a more significant role in ‎ensuring global security by forging a new relationship with Washington. ‎

This is the same trend the official start of which was stressed by German ‎Chancellor Angela Merkel at the beginning of Trump’s entry into the White ‎House (2017) in an address to the 27-member state of the European Union.‎

Commenting on the beginning of a process in the US, incorporating ‎structural changes and transitions, Merkel said the era of Europe’s ‎dependence on the US has come to an end. ‎

‎“Europe must stand independently on its own two feet.”‎

The warning, however, was not heeded seriously by European leaders. ‎

On the other hand, although the Democratic Party in the US has ‎traditionally been closer to Europe compared to the Republican Party, the ‎need for a change and the reality of change in the structure of US foreign ‎policy is a trans-partisan issue.‎

This comes as, at present, Europe has gradually accepted to place the ‎process of detaching itself, in an orderly and well-reviewed manner, from ‎the US at the center of its foreign policy, and sees as an inevitable issue the ‎necessity of adopting more independent strategies on the international ‎scene.‎

One of the biggest obstacles to the establishment of global justice and an ‎accelerated move toward multilateralism is Europe’s failure to stand ‎against US hegemonic stances on the international scene.‎

European leaders’ lack of courage, unity and self-confidence in laying the ‎foundations of an independent Europe has caused them to suffer ‎humiliation at the hands of Washington on different occasions and with ‎regard to several international issues. ‎

The May 2018 US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ‎and Europe’s failure in preserving the deal and safeguarding Iran’s ‎interests within its framework are clear manifestations of the EU’s lack of ‎independence from Washington.‎

Nevertheless, what appears to be definitive is that the EU is required to ‎adopt strategic realism in its approach toward the US even during Biden’s ‎tenure and, by becoming more independent from Washington, display a ‎new Europe to the world in an era of multilateralism. ‎

‎*Hossein Ziaee is an Iranian freelance columnist.‎



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