Up to one million tons of fishing gear is left in the ocean each year, creating “deadly” debris for marine mammals, seabirds and sea turtles, conservationists have warned.
Up to 1m tons of ‘deadly’ fishing gear left in ocean each year, WWF warns
Peering into the lake, the village elder struggled to pinpoint where beneath the hyacinth and mesquite weeds lay the farm he lived in his entire life until the water rose like never before and swallowed everything.
Kenya's lakes rise to destructive highs
The American pika (Ochotona princeps) is traditionally thought of as a canary in the coal mine when it comes to America's rising temperatures.
Study says adorable species may be doing okay in climate change
With competition among Earth's telecoms providers as fierce as ever, equipment maker Nokia has announced its expansion into a new market, winning a deal to install the first cellular network on the Moon.
NASA, Nokia to install 4G on Moon
An American spacecraft is about to attempt the audacious task of grabbing rock samples from an asteroid.
NASA's Osiris-Rex probe aims for daring 'high five' with asteroid Bennu
Prof. Wu Aiguo's team at the Cixi Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering (NIMTE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) developed a novel therapeutic method termed mechano-chemotherapy, which can efficiently overcome tumor drug resistance.
Researchers develop magnetically switchable mechano-chemotherapy to overcome tumor drug resistance
A conservation charity is pledging to plant 50 million trees in the UK by 2025 to help tackle the climate crisis.
Conservation charity to plant 50 million trees in UK over five years to fight climate crisis
The European Union needs to come up with a strategy to counter disinformation about 5G technology or risk false claims derailing its economic recovery and digital goals, a group of 15 countries including Poland and Sweden said.
EU needs long-term plan to tackle 5G fake news, 15 EU countries say in joint call
In order to make a car run, a car’s engine burns gasoline and converts the energy from the heat of the combusting gasoline into mechanical work. In the process, however, energy is wasted; a typical car only converts around 25 percent of the energy in gasoline into useful energy to make it run.
Perfect energy efficiency: Quantum engines with entanglement as fuel?
Researchers at University of California, Berkeley, have developed a new way to reinforce concrete with a polymer lattice, an advance that could rival other polymer-based enhancements and improve concrete’s ductility while reducing the material’s carbon emissions.
Researchers use 3D printer to make stronger, greener concrete

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