Around one in six Irish women becomes overweight or obese by their second pregnancy, according to new research.
Rise in weight gain between pregnancies, study shows
The projected incidence of patients with cancer in India among males is 679,421 (94.1 per 100,000) and among females 712,758 (103.6 per 100,000) for the year 2020.
Understanding the link between genes and lung cancer
A World Health Organization (WHO) special COVID-19 envoy predicted a third wave of the pandemic in Europe in early 2021, if governments repeat what he said was a failure to do what was needed to prevent the second wave of infections.
WHO COVID envoy fears third wave, calls Europe response 'incomplete'
The second deadliest cancer in the world is liver cancer. It is particularly fatal when it affects the bile ducts. It has been studied extensively, with a focus on malignant cells, and there is virtually no effective cure.
Biologists seeking to fight liver cancer from its environment
The following is a roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus, Reuters reported.
Childhood vaccine linked to less severe COVID-19, cigarette smoke raises risk
High cholesterol levels can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke, so it is important to keep an eye on your cholesterol.
What are the worst foods for high cholesterol?
Glaucoma is a chronic condition that affects cells at the back of the eye. It is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide, and is responsible for 1 in 10 cases of serious sight impairment in the UK.
Study suggests that in future glaucoma eye tests could be performed at home
Coronavirus antibodies last at least six months and offer protection against a second infection, a study of health care workers suggested.
COVID antibodies 'last at least six months'
The Mediterranean (MED) diet — rich in olive oil, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds — is a recommended way to reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other adverse health outcomes.
Mediterranean diet tied to 30 percent risk reduction for diabetes in Women's Health Study
Deaths related to HIV in the United States have declined 48% over the past decade, according to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
CDC: HIV-related deaths dropped 48% over past decade

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